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Elegance, rigor and purity: at MoaCasa 2018, contemporary design combines functionality

Elegance, rigor and purity: at MoaCasa 2018, contemporary design combines functionality it has been modified: 2018-10-29 di francescapress

A house to live in the name of the most innovative design, made up of ever new shapes and materials that marry the charm of the essential, in a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. From 27 October to 4 November the best furnishing trends return to Rome with MoaCasa 2018, the event organized by the MOA Cooperative Society which reaches its 44th edition this year. Nine days to discover the proposals of the best companies in the sector, highly qualified and specialized: three pavilions of the Fiera di Roma host the furnishing solutions of exhibitors and furniture makers from different regions of Italy - over 250 companies present - offering a range of services added value, such as design, technical assistance, assembly and warranty.

Compositional dynamism and visual lightness

The search for beauty is at the service of functionality and originality of design favors personalization, according to spaces and tastes, with elements with a slim and shiny silhouette. The new compositional systems interact synergistically with both the living area and the sleeping area, creating a coordinated link between the two environments and giving the home a sense of unique visual lightness. Reinvented, for example, is the classic concept of a bookcase that literally designs walls with shelves and multiple shelves.

A combination of stylistic innovation and careful work that creates a dynamic and evocative aesthetic impact, enhanced by new color combinations, with metallic and iridescent shades that give the rooms a touch of modernity.


Glass, metals and ceramics

Natural and warm materials, such as wood, are flanked by glass, metals and ceramics that give an industrial flavor to the lines, in a highly suggestive material mix. Among the main novelties stand out the precious bronze finishes, obtained with manual processing and exclusive techniques that despite the brushing give a shine effect.
Create a perfect relaxation environment

The sofas redefine the living space, embracing it with sober elegance, for a tailor-made result that is perfect for any space. To live the everyday life of the home, wide to modular solutions with central elements without armrest, corner and end elements, dormeuse, pouf and chaise longue, usable individually or can be integrated with the compositions. An invitation to relax even more highlighted by the generous cushions for seat and back that ensure comfort and elegance. The infinite compositional possibilities widen the codes of living, giving the environment a contemporary and always personalized look.

Christmas at MoaCasa 2018 is design

Living area and night area but also bathroom, kitchen and outdoor furniture: MoaCasa offers quality products for all tastes from over 40 years, from classic to modern, offered in the most varied solutions in terms of style. And this year MoaCasa also thinks about Christmas: news of the 2018 edition is an area of ​​1000 square meters dedicated to gift solutions and decorative ideas to give the house the perfect look for the holidays, including decorations, light decorations and lanterns, objects for the home and for the person, linen and cutlery for the table, candles and fragrances, paper, ribbons and bows and all that is needed to prepare for the best (and calmly) to welcome the magic of the Feasts. To give the environment a new idea of ​​creative design, according to the style and taste of everyone.

Innovation is not just in use, shapes or colors, to follow trends it is good to discover innovative materials and new ways of living, while also staying up to date on incentives and tax breaks: in addition to browsing the stands of over 250 exhibitors present in the three pavilions of the Fiera di Roma, visitors to MoaCasa 2018 - the furniture and design exhibition from 27 October to 4 November - can find new ideas for their home, talking with experts in the sector and participating in appointments in calendar during the days of the event.

Tax services to the citizen

Not only design and creativity, at MoaCasa 2018 there will also be space for useful information to be updated on tax incentives and concessions: in pavilion 3 the officials of the Revenue Agency are available to citizens to provide information and guidelines on deadlines and formalities to take advantage of of concessions, following interventions on building renovations, furniture bonuses and energy saving. During the fair, in addition to consulting the guides prepared on these topics, visitors can obtain the release of the Pin Code to access the "fiscal drawer" with which it is possible to use various services: prepare the electronic payment in self-compilation for the F24 forms standards, excise duties and identification elements; send the files containing the documents to be submitted to the Revenue Agency (declarations, payments, lease agreements, etc.); request the registration, through the RLI web software, of lease and rental contracts for real estate and any extensions, transfers and terminations, as well as exercise the option or revocation of the dry coupon; request the crediting of refunds and other sums on current account; request a duplicate of the health card or tax code card; request reimbursement of the subscription fee for television for private use charged in the electricity bill; consult the certificates of receipt of the documents transmitted electronically to the Revenue Agency, the only proof of their having been sent, are available in this section; consult the specific communications that the Revenue Agency sends to the users of its online services.

Appointments at the fair

In the Conference Area, at the 3 pavilion, on the agenda for Saturday 27 October, the "Cna design Day" created in collaboration with AANT - Academy of Arts and New Technologies of Rome: professors and architects Giancarlo Cutello and Ilaria Petreni in the chair to explain respectively the "New trends in the world of design", at 15 pm: 30, and the “New ways of living and working”, at 16:00 pm.

Space also for young people with an appointment, at 16 pm, which involves Sofia Carta and Matteo Fedele, students of the Academy of Arts and New Technologies, with some examples of projects, and then discussing at 30 pm on “The horizons of new materials for the interior ”, with Francesca Cattaneo, professor and architect.

Saturday 3 November, the protagonists of the MoaCasa 2018 Conference Area are "Tax deductions at the service of citizens", an event organized in collaboration with the Green Economy Network Cna and DEI (Libreria Dei Tipografia Del Genio Civile): "Tax deductions for energy requalification: systems and solar panels "at 15:00 with the intervention of Enrico Mancini, engineer and energy expert Cna Rome, followed by that of Carlo Bellioni, President of Cna Costruzioni Roma, who illustrates at 15:30" Sisma Bonus 2018-2021: this is how the incentives work ".

To close the calendar of events, in the Conference Area of ​​MoaCasa 2018, the meeting with Juan Pedro Grammaldo, engineer and expert DEI, who at 16: 00 analyzes "Tax deductions for building renovations".


For more information:

MOACASA 2018 From 27 October to November 4
Rome Fair - Fiumicino East Entrance

weekdays - free admission, h. 15: 00-20: 00
Friday 2 / 11 - free admission, h. 10: 00 -20: 00
Saturdays and holidays - admission 10 euros, h. 10: 00-20: 00

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