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Novello Drop: an innovative laundry management system

Drop Novello
Novello Drop: an innovative laundry management system it has been modified: 2017-05-22 di claudia ovan

The Drop collection is the innovative Novello laundry project, designed by Gian Vittorio Plazzogna where the boundaries between the bathroom and the area for washing, drying and ironing harmoniously confuse each other in order to create an extremely versatile one.
This peculiar versatility is ensured by the vast system of elements that can be tailored to your requirements, creating a real laundry, a storage room or a bathroom. The modularity of columns, bases and wall tiles leaves room for customization, as well as the range of finishes proposed, ranging from lacquered to wood effect, conjugated in different colors.

Novello is particularly attentive to the management of spaces even in the design of the door, which is proposed both with a swing and a book opening, featuring a special handle profile that traces the edge and makes the leitmotiv of the collection, enriching it with a Characterizing design detail.

Functional and extremely original is the Teknorit bathtub, which thanks to the proposed solutions - in the depths of the 65 and 38 cm furniture - proves to be a precious ally for furnishing. The originality is also expressed in the solution with different depths between the washing machine base and the wash basin. To ensure comfort in every respect, Novello has finished the laundry room with a wide range of captivating accessories, such as aluminum laundry baskets on wheels, wall units with shelves, clothes rails or mini clothes racks, open compartments, repositionable shelves, multifunction mirrors , pull-out doors, shoe compartments, broom and detergent holders, internal drawers and a practical reclining ironing board.

With this collection, Novello gives the emotion of living the most intimate home environment in total harmony, creating relaxing places where everything is within reach, always under the sign of a quality that lasts longer.

Drop Novello

Drop Novello

Drop Novello

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