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Dimensione74, the MINA taps declined to male.

imensione74 tap MINA
Dimensione74, the MINA taps declined to male. it has been modified: 2017-03-27 di zubalu

Mina evolves into great to stand out playing on the balance of proportions and propose a new balance in the bathroom.

A formal solution that gives a nod to out-scale creations, without sacrificing simplicity and passion for minimalist design that distinguishes Mina.

A tale of character, immersed in shades of blue and declined in a male imagery for a mixer that knows how to get noticed in a decisive manner and important. And put at the center the water and who controls it.

74 mm is the proposed size: a magnification suitable to the interior, to surprise maintaining intact function and practicality of use.

The command to the sink, the mixer and the thermostat for the shower, as well as the switch to more routes, thus have diameter 74 mm, while the rod coupled to the wall has a diameter of 40 mm: it is possible to customize the length of the barrel in as needed.

Cleaning formal, free and stripped of all decorum and additional element: only stainless steel, like all MINA collections.

imensione74 tap MINA

imensione74 tap MINA

imensione74 tap MINAimensione74 tap MINA

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