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Cersaie 2017: Skinwall also decorates the bathroom

Cersaie 2017: Skinwall also decorates the bathroom it has been modified: 2018-01-30 di terzomillennium

The 25 edition of Cersaie - the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings - will be held from 29 to 2017 September at BolognaFiere, which will see the participation of Skinwall, a Rimini-based wallpaper company made on various substrates, in digital print.

Skinwall dresses in the bathroom with charm and tailoring. Exclusively, it is the new Skinwall Waterproofing Kit, applicable to vinyl materials, ideal for bathroom wall walls and in particular for the interior of shower cabins. This innovative treatment contains a one-component polyurethane resin and a water-based transparent water-based polyurethane wax that guarantees complete waterproofness, starting from the vinyl materials that Skinwall has in the catalog, which do not exhibit the lesser advantages of classic fiberglass such as the opacity of the material, the difficult application method, and much longer times in the laying phase.

"The study of graphics for aesthetics of our ever-catching products is paramount, but it's also a constant search for technical innovation in materials" said Marco Brigi, Commercial Director of Skinwall. "We will be part of Cersaie 2017 with our partner Floover, the company that exclusively distributes our collections in Spain and the United Arab Emirates."

Skinwall features washable and durable wallpaper, ideal for moisture-exposed areas, creating more and more powerful proposals and revolutionizing the concept of simple decoration. Thanks to Skinwall, in fact, wallpaper has become an innovative and completely customizable surface.

In the picture: In between Skinwall (Wallpaper 27 Contemporary Design Collection), a striking mix of floral motifs and classic tile charm.

Skinwall will be present at its Floover distributor in Cersaie, Area 44 - Stand 58 to tell all the emotion of wallpaper, also perfect for the bathroom.

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