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At around Halloween! Wallpaper perfect for a touch bewitched to home environments.

At around Halloween! Wallpaper perfect for a touch bewitched to home environments. it has been modified: 2016-10-24 di engardagiordani

GLAM, STREETS, GHOST, PLUME: proposals Agena to create the right atmosphere for the most magical night of the year.

La Halloween night is near, if you have decided to organize a party or if you want to give an original touch to your home, Agena has the right solutions for you. wallpapers and decorative fabrics timeless, showing happy and fun side of the recurrence, Perfect to give a magic touch to the environments throughout the year, without being intrusive.

The first coating for the walls that we want to offer is GLAM, Formed by multiple overlapping layers of cheesecloth, that, if viewed in view of Halloween, remind their own bandages of mummies. relief effects They combine creating this unusual wallpaper by strong contrasting materials. There gauze results crossed over, its multilayer that form of squares that repeat and interweave. The irregular texture, In relief, it is extremely bright, iridescent and shiny. A solution designed and conceived for most modern environments.

Another interesting proposal is themed STREETS, the extraordinary 'effect of the irregular stripes geometric reminiscent of cobwebs, Available in 7 colors, some with contrasting decoration, other ton sur ton, which take somber hues, autumn: Burgundy, silver, milk, charcoal, powder, gold and bronze. Are available, in addition to wallpaper, even the carpet and coordinated fabric, which are characterized by the same fantasy.

The third choice is paper for Halloween GHOST, Turns his gaze to a noble past and interpret it through extremely modern materials and production techniques. A special processing handloom weaves a fund spatolato made with textural paste in changing colors precious embroideries evoking laces of yesteryear. Relief effects and their embroidery transparencies combine creating an unusual paper polychrome wallpaper that combines gold to copper, bronze, steel and white in a chromatic contrasts well as textural. The choice of colorsCombined in contrast, creates wealth, variety of effects, transparencies, sudden shades: gold with gold; white with anthracite; copper with gray; bronze with bronze; steel gray, the paper is made on the bottom NWF (non-woven).

The latest proposal is FEATHER: wallpaper the precious shiny effect with suggestion three-dimensional. Her full-bodied texture It is shaped by a wave of light as soft plumage which extends over the entire basis, TNT. More than a wallpaper a touch of color on the canvas that communicates instinctive elegance; It comes in colors that generate excitement, pleasure and desire, Sublimated by effects of outstanding brightness: Pearl white, taupe (dark dove), silver, black and red.

Venture with us into the mood of the "Night of the Witches", and choose a fabric or a wallpaper effectBe worn all year round in your environments, ensuring the 'Glamour effect and quality that distinguishes the years 50 Agena products.




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