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Customer oriented philosophy in the textile proposals Decobel

Customer oriented philosophy in the textile proposals Decobel it has been modified: 2016-09-02 di terzomillennium

Synonymous in the world of authenticity and craftsmanship Made in Italy, the Tuscan company Decobel It is careful to provide a perfect customer experience to involve the customer in the production process of the textile article and to see first hand the excellent quality of the workmanship, offering an infinite variety of materials and colors solutions.

A conscious business decision in order to offer the user the tools to know and appreciate the furnishing textiles, feeling partaker of tailoring design project.

traditional instrument are the color folders containing samples of the wide variety on offer: upholstery, velvets, silk damasks, wool, leather and three-dimensional tissues. The binder di color folders, Designed exclusively by Decobel, Unifies categories tissues according to type, thereby facilitating consultation.

To view a higher square footage of cloth, Decobel offers also the flag, Tissue sample packaged with beading. instead, without profiles, is the tirella, In which the piece of fabric sample is free of seams. In both solutions it is always attached coloring, long vertical strip of samples that show the entire color palette available for the tissue.

To dress up charming the whole house, according to a harmonious and coherent mood, Decobel He has specially created the bat, a series of coordinated fabrics according texture material and chromatic nuances, which becomes an essential tool for designing furnishing solutions with attention to detail, combining finishes and colors for a style very refined living.

A desire to develop effective means of communication, was born Decobel Quality Book, A manual that tells the historical dynamics and productive-industrial processes in the textile sector and outlines the specifications of each textural fabric, made from natural fibers to those plants, synthetic products to artificial ones. The Quality Book It highlights the indissoluble bond that the company relational Prato wants to entertain with its employees and customers, in respect of an industrial ethics policy that values ​​the work Made in Italy.

"Despite the most modern mechanization and industrial technical precision, the ability to make craft to ever finish the textile product, infusing emotion with every touch" he has declared Gabriel Guidoni, Art Director of Decobel. "For years we develop sophisticated solutions with a strong identity, revealing how the value of a quality product is based on a thorough knowledge of the industry, careful workmanship during the production process and the use of precise instruments".

a philosophy customer oriented an innovative concept that meets the needs of the domestic and contract-hotellerie world.



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