RicCAA 2013 in Padova International Biennial of Art and Design - 5 edition

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RicCAA 2013 in Padova International Biennial of Art and Design - 5 edition it has been modified: 2013-05-26 di John Baldini

A shower of inscriptions. Really big, deeply felt and shared this year's accession of artists and designers in RicCAAThe International Biennial of Art and Contemporary Design and environmental sustainability policies artist care Padua Marisa Merlin.

Biennial sponsored by the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Padua, by the degree course Dams Faculty of Arts and Philosophy University of Padua, Regional Institute for Venetian Villas, Confindustria Padova, ARPAV (Regional Agency for Prevention and Environmental Protection of Veneto) made by the Artery.

After four exciting editions of RICICLARTI YARD ART ENVIRONMENTAL by the will of the festival curator Marisa Merlin he has become Biennale RicCAA taking the name, acronym of the name of the previous editions.

"This year has been particularly long and hard to select the artists and designers" proudly tells Marisa Merlin "the works received from all over Italy and many from abroad were all of great importance from an artistic and innovative profile. My personal thanks go to the jury, therefore, that with great skill has been able to give all participants the painstaking attention they deserved. "

After a shrewd selection process, the jury, composed of Enzo Siviero IUAV Venice, Francesca Bottacin University of Urbino and Enrico Bossan, photographer, expressed choosing what will be the artists and designers allowed to exhibit their work at the Biennale RicCAA.

The Biennale RicCAA confirms his position as the only proven design that can truly enhance the dialogue with the territory in the name of environmental sustainability. "My idea has always been to promote a dialogue between man and the environment through the arts" explains the curator Marisa Merlin "RicCAA is an artistic and cultural center that has enhanced Padua as the environmental capital of contemporary art and is which has become an exportable model of excellence in contemporary art and disclosure of environmental issues. "

The selected artists: Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Francesco Caiazza, Loretta Cappanera, Ezio Cicciarella, Eleonora Cumer, Rino Dal Pos, Silvia De Gennaro, Erika De Martino, Flavio Galletti, Roberta Gherardi, Anna Giagnorio, Marialuna Maresca, Enrico Marcato, Mazzocca & Pony , Anastasia Moro, Antonio Panzuto, Banafsheh Rahamany, Luisa Rampazzo, Ulrich Riedl, 3a Class evening Wild Art School Padova, Maria Pia Settin, Elisabetta Sgobbi, Anna Targher.

The selected designers: Stefano Aiello, Artwo Cultural Association, Giovanni Baldini, Virgilio Barison, Eleonora Battaggia, Giuseppe Colucci, Gecko Lab.Artistico / Coop. Alternatively, Ida Sandra Faggiano, Faith & Tito, Victoria Franceschi, Elisa Frassoldati Amelia Lamberto, Giorgia Merlin, Ester Motta, Stefano Piersanti / Lucio Ottaviani, Fabio Scapin, Virgilio Venezia / Astrid Serughetti, Tarja Wallius.

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The art exhibition will be held from 26 May to June 23 2013In Padua in the spaces Ex Slaughterhouse in via Cornaro with free admission from the 15.30 19.30.

The admission free paint will be held on May at 25 18.30 hours.
All information can be found at:
For info or interviews with Marisa Merlin curator:,en

In photos: Vermicella, cardboard chair by Giovanni Baldini

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