RiartEco 2012

RiartEco 2012 it has been modified: 2012-04-23 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

From the 5 12 May the beautiful cloister of the Oblate Library in Florence, It is confirmed again this year the ideal location for the eighth edition of RiartEco (Opening May at 5 18.30 hours). The exhibition - with free admission - sees protagonist of artistic competition, rejection, scrapped, the old and obsolete object, which at the end of its production cycle, re-born, re-owns a real meaning, thanks to 'imagination (Bildraum) of the participating artists, from all over Italy.

Through this exhibition, they prove the protagonists as the creative intelligence often exceed the limits of art; most of the works presented have inherent sense of the exceptional use and re-useWhich contrasts well the extreme commodification of contemporary trans-cultural society, ultimately it exploded in a frenzied "disposable" which frankly could become unbearable. Imagination reigns supreme on the atmosphere that creates the exhibition, as a real philosophical organ, has expressed itself in favor of a population of young emerge and that has yet to discover and conserve the wonders of a vita.Gli artists compete and know that will take careful and cultured area of ​​judgment, in fact, every user of the exposure, is voting, through pen and paper, the work which he liked.

The winner will go a small premium paid by the organizer: POP point of presence and the magnificent opportunity to keep the work on display, for one year, within the premises of the library itself. An absolute novelty in this edition, is the presence of Luca Matti, A pioneer in the art of recycling, offering courtesy of the gallery "Fritteli- contemporary art" one of his works on display. The work, of course, excluded from competition, is "aeronautical", imposing sculpture made mainly with plastic inner tube, which is a humanoid mutant and that brings us back to the original dream, dear over the centuries, Homo sapiens, to be able to eventually take flight.

Guest out of competition: Luca Matti

participating artists: Eleonora Battaggia, Stefania Verderosa, Ute Dewald, Elena Bussotti, Lorraine Giuffrida, Donato Landi, Paolo Lo Giudice, Simona Negrini, aka Andromeda, mirifa 'Miriam Massolin, Scarpellini Luca, Francesco Pinzani, Matteo Pozzobon, ecocentric Annarita Mameli and Violetta Canitano, Giovanni Baldini, Roberta Lazzarato, Bibbiana Apples Mongobì, Susanna Caporin, Stefania Pallotta, Francesca Ghizzardi, Aldo Celle, Ilaria Anselmi, Rossana Chiappori, Group Vidari association, Maurilio Iembo, Marco Guerrazzi, Guia Pozzi, Irene Sarzi Amadè, Valeria Leonardi, Mariantonia Soncini , Louis Carousel, lüfer, Vincent Spano, Lara Bobbio.

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