REFIN, the anti-polluting and sanitizing porcelain stoneware for the eco-sustainability of buildings

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REFIN, the anti-polluting and sanitizing porcelain stoneware for the eco-sustainability of buildings it has been modified: 2012-12-26 di Benedict Flowers

Ceramiche Refin has developed a series of initiatives with a green vocation that represent an excellence of industrial policy aimed at environmental sustainability. in compliance with the regulations passed by the European Union which is committed to reducing CO2 emissions compared to the 1990 quota, in accordance with the Kyoto protocol.

Because the building sector is responsible for 35% of greenhouse gas emissions and the 40% of the energy consumption of the European community, the EU has set, on the basis of precise standards, a sustainable construction policy.

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In compliance with these regulations Refin Ceramics has developed a series of green initiatives vocation which represent excellence in industrial policy aimed at environmental sustainability.
A recent milestone has been achieved by the company with the innovative Ekosan.24 technology, with which it is passed from the concept of the tile with passive surface, with mere protective function, to that of the active surface which participates in the growth of the well-being of ' man and the
environment protection.
With Ekosan.24 Refin set, integrating them into the tile surface of titanium dioxide particles (TiO2), boosted by active metal elements, creating a product with 3 PROPERTY ':

  • Antipollution photocatalytic: the particles become catalysts of the photocatalytic process, by means of qualela tile contributes to demolish the harmful substances present in the environment (NOx, VOC and PM10).
  • Self-cleaning on ventilated facades: this application makes the surface of the tile super-hydrophilic, therefore the water in contact with the material is uniformly distributed on the surface, creating a patina which then favors the removal of soiling elements.
  • Action igienizzantecontrogermi and batteriper 24 hours: antibacterial effect is enhanced by the active metal elements that act in the absence of light, so the sanitizing action is guaranteed day and night and even indoors.

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Moreover, the products Refinvantano always a number of firsts in the field:

  • All adhere to the guidelines of the prestigious European Ecolabel certification, which requires binding limits in relation to pollutant emissions and the consumption of raw materials and energy.
  • Some are LEED compatible and contribute to the achievement of the building's LEED score thanks to various factors, such as the use of pre and post-consumer recycled materials (glass resulting from disused cathode ray tube television screens), the containment of heat islands, design and technological innovation, etc.

Important developments for a company has always been committed in the context of environmental sustainability, values ​​in which he believed since its market presence

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