King +: when the recycled plastic becomes design

King +: when the recycled plastic becomes design it has been modified: 2016-06-06 di SilviaOG

The sustainable design through the recycling of plastic is the core business of Re +,

Mariplast a project that has given new life to production waste.

reuse, recycling and eco-sustainability: He talks a lot in recent years but they are few companies today are able to best apply these principles in production processes and final products that perform.

King +, a project linked to the national reality Mariplast, leader in plastic supports for the textile industry, has successfully achieved this goal: a production that creatively uses industrial plastic products to create design lighting systems, a team of young designers who manages to create eco-sustainable products but particularly attentive to the aesthetic element; in addition to doing well to the environment, in fact, Re + creates lighting systems with unique and essential lines, realized thanks to the collaboration with some of the most important designers on the Italian scene, like Stefano Giovacchini, from the studio DRAWING Lucca.


"A brilliant idea turns on in our heads like a light bulb: it is no coincidence that the recycling - understood to mean rethink, that is to give new life and a new use to the objects - of Mariplast products materialize for us in creation an original and innovative line of lamps. "explains Valerio Baldi and Fabia Romagnoli King + team. "If you can turn the recycling reuse, if you can give new life to what was destined to be a rejection, then in this case we got a great victory and an important lesson for all: to lead a lifestyle greener you can, just get involved and make informed choices and pay attention to what surrounds us. We managed to rethink the use of Mariplast products and found a new way to interpret them, a new purpose, different but equally interesting. See our idea turn into reality makes us very proud and shows how a project that starts with a solid foundation of right values ​​and objectives, can only develop to the fullest. "

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