Proxima IMPRESSION: When design and technology meet

Proxima IMPRESSION: When design and technology meet it has been modified: 2013-12-03 di socialdesign magazine

Proxima It develops the relationship between contemporary architecture and interior design. Two different worlds, complementary but with specific technical and aesthetic requirements that have been captured and interpreted by Footprint in this collection of windows.

It finds space in all environments, from rustic to modern. Such versatility is given by special design all-glass that characterizes the range and which makes a product unique.

Window laminated wood with aluminum exterior, Proxima is one of the latest innovations Impronta. It has been specially designed to better respond to new living standards of quality and energy savings (insulation fi no to Uw = 0,88 W / m ^ 2k), involving a reduction in heating costs. The collection includes, serial, of a hardware for opening to tilt and turn windows and insulating performance. Series also the glazing (commonly called double-glass) with a low-emissivity glass, spacer profile with thermal and chamber filled with argon gas.

The finishes Impronta uses are not only meant to give the windows look good, but to ensure a long life of the products that do not require any type of maintenance, also in conditions of maximum exposure.

The glass insulators Proxima, In addition to meeting the need of light, reduce the dispersion of heat towards the outside, increase the comfort of living and diminish the effect of condensation and the formation of mold. A choice can be installed glass up to a thickness of 52 mm, glazing anti injury, anti vandalism, sun protection, acoustic, with possibility of decoration or colored glass. Impronta tip at peak performance of its products and for this work daily to ensure that its doors meet the best in all situations.


Available with door flush with wood paneling, with tilt-turn or as fixed windowThanks to its special construction, Proxima does not require a wire cover internal and external. The overall dimensions of frame practically disappears maximizing glazed surface (27% more than in a normal window).

Proxima is not only a collection of windows leading edge but is a product design. Thanks to 'all-glass door its lines I'm clean and minimal. Among the many proposed solutions is also the swing flush to the wallAs well as the ability to install the hardware retractable, In this way the window becomes a true framework which colors the wall with a unique skyline.

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