Porcelain tiles made with recycled glass?

Porcelain tiles for ecological floors
Porcelain tiles made with recycled glass? it has been modified: 2012-11-16 di Christian Linkness

Who could imagine that in the mixture of porcelain stoneware tiles could finish a line of glass coming from the recycling of old and dilapidated monitor CRT televisions?
This seems to be the future in the field of ceramics for the building.

The idea dates back to 2009 when the 'Emilian company Supergres ceramics agrees to cooperate with the Italian consortium of recycling of electronic components Remedia who had designed a cutting-edge production technology based on the use, in the mix of mix of porcelain, the CRT glass deriving from the recycling of the old CRT televisions and monitors PC.
From this collaboration is born AIRThe innovative collection of porcelain tiles for floors that protects the environment because it reduces the storage of tens of thousands of tubes of crumbling tv and computers in landfills.
It is a way of producing absolutely "green" that takes into account important issues such as the disposal and recycling of materials that would otherwise be only unnecessary waste, the environmental issue and the quest for sustainable construction.

One could argue that a similar type of production could reduce the quality of the final product.
Nothing could be more wrong.
Thanks to the brilliance of the CRT glass used, the result is a guaranteed product in its appearance and in its brightness, which has nothing to envy to the best products in traditional dough.
AIR Supergres, thanks to its eco-friendly features, is certified ECOLABEL and allows to obtain high LEED ratings in the realization of public and private residential projects.

It is an innovative technology with which Ceramiche Supergres responds to consumer needs and meets the design requirements of architects and designers who have made eco-sustainability a fundamental value.
The series AIR Ceramiche Supergres won the AWARD ECOHITECH 2009 organized by the consortium Ecoqual'It, an important recognition for their achievements in the field of eco-compatibility and eco-sustainability.
In April 2010 line AIR won the GPP Award - Sustainable projects and green public procurement. The competition of Confindustria and Aeneas, promoted in partnership with the Ministry of Productive Activities, honors public administrations and businesses that have achieved significant success in the field of environmental sustainability.

Now, thanks to the series AIR, Pottery Supergres was listed among the 100 Italian companies that produce without impacting the environment or doing as little as possible according to the report compiled by Green Italy 2012 Symbola UnionCamere and, in partnership with the magazine Wired. Another important award for a collection of ceramic tiles in truly innovative.

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