MEG: Micro Experimental Growing

MEG: Micro Experimental Growing it has been modified: 2014-12-01 di jessica zannori

MEG is not just a product, it is a project of shared knowledge.

Thanks to the control system Arduino, MEG allows you to monitor and control all the key parameters for the plant growth and to share the experience through an online platform.

MEG was conceived by the passion and initiative of D 'Alesio & Santoro , Specialized in the design of lighting, and Design Group Italy.
E 'can control all the important parameters for plant growth, such as light cycles, ventilation, temperature, irrigazion and soil pH.

One of the key values ​​of MEG is spectrum-tunable custom designed engine of 'LED lighting. A project of self-innovation that combines engineering, photometric performance, electrical, lighting and industrial design.

Since the architecture and platform of MEG are open-source, all over the world can help to improve the hardware and software of MEG thereby providing the driving force behind the acquisition of knowledge and sophistication of the platform.

MEG has won the competition to Wired Hack the Expo from May to October 2015 5 5 will be placed in subway stations of Milan, to demonstrate the potential of open-source systems and the free exchange of information that you may have on farming techniques artificial.

To raise the funds necessary for the development, D'Alesio & Santoro launched a campaign crowdfunding, On the platform Eppela.








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