Kerberos Majority. The most advanced thermoregulation solution in the civil field

Kerberos Majority. The most advanced thermoregulation solution in the civil field it has been modified: 2020-04-23 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners Lorenzo Strona & Partners

"MaggiorDOMO" is an advanced system for building thermoregulation and consumption accounting based on the most advanced wireless technology that gives the operator and administrator the ability to remotely control the functionality of the plants.

Also available in the "stand-alone" version suitable for use in individual apartments, even where the thermostatic valve with the distributor is already installed, MaggiorDOMO allows to obtain an increase in comfort and a reduction in consumption, thanks to the regulation algorithms and zoning of the apartment.

The current laws require the adoption of a control system: it is usually a thermostatic valve and an indirect meter installed on each radiator. But this solution itself does not guarantee the optimization of disbursements and their consumption.

The solution proposed by Kerberos instead puts you in a position to decide how, how and in what areas to heat up, as a result of improving your home comfort and keeping consumption under control.

In addition, the system is simple to install: inside a home there is a wireless controlled actuator on each radiator and a chronothermostat, able to thermoregulate up to eight zones with eight different temperatures, which becomes the instrument that the user uses to adjust all heating related functions. This thermometer interacts with the other devices and uses one single card to record and transmit the data by making them available to the maintenance manager and administrator for the final count.

Last but not least, the MaggiorDOMO system has an extremely low cost, just above the traditional solution.

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