Laura Martini and Alessandra Gruppillo / Co.Bu. Bucolic condo

Laura Martini and Alessandra Gruppillo / Co.Bu. Bucolic condo it has been modified: 2012-03-17 di Benedict Flowers

At Green Urbanity Laura Martini e Alessandra Gruppillo, Designers always attentive to cambiamentie the inevitable consequent need for these involve, involved presenting Co.Bu. condominium bucolic, A project that aims to involve the community in harmony with sustainable trends.

Within a progressive process of urban sprawl, green is to take on new roles, not just symbolic or decorative but also sanitation related to clean air. Thinking of all the houses, typical of the city, without a balcony or a garden, we wanted to give them the opportunity to create a small oasis of nature and relaxation, a pastime that involves the deepest feelings; see grow plants, fertilize them, protect them from pests, reap the benefits ... it is a job that increases the availability to others and self-esteem. The idea was born from the need to so live everyday in a more serene and relaxed, just like when you are on vacation and you feel free and in a sense even more vital.

Hence Co.Bu. the condo bucolic, where the blinds, absolute protagonists, will create a real vertical garden, thus also the city takes on the appearance of a lush hill, in a field in bloom that fortifies our spirit and our mind . The project involves the construction of an aluminum shutter with hinged doors that houses pockets contenentifibra coconut (well-ventilated, light, drainage, pH stable, retains moisture, is environmentally friendly and recyclable) where they planted seeds of various species plants, flowers or vegetables, a voltacresciuti, make the building alive and dynamic.


A spray atomizer, adding to the natural humidity and precipitation contribute to irrigation and well-being of the plant. A simple idea that can make life more pleasant both inside and outside of our condo.

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