In winter savings and less emissions with ECOSAVING

In winter savings and less emissions with ECOSAVING it has been modified: 2012-12-11 di Pandora srl

Emissions from domestic heating and industry have a big impact on the environment. That is why Pandora srl, committed to finding innovative solutions for sustainable energy, has a new product: ECOSAVING.

ECOSAVING is a device that is fitted to the boiler in order to optimize performance by adjusting the timing of switching on and off. This process allows to consume less fuel and less electricity.

Here's why: the transfer of heat from the radiator to the room normally takes longer than that used by the boiler to heat the system water. The boiler must thus keep the water at a high temperature until it reaches the desired heat. This process involves waste of electrical energy and environmental pollution.

The device thanks to an innovative technology patented and certified saves up to 50% on heating costs.

The installation is quick and easy and does not involve changes to the plumbing. The lower consumption, therefore, do not do well only to the environment but also to the pockets of the consumer. Savings and respect for the environment, also, are not the only advantages.

ECOSAVING, in fact, promotes a feeling of wellness environments by spreading even heat in all the rooms and the absence of changes in temperature. The heat diffusion occurs evenly, the sensation perceived, to better understand, is the same as the environments in which the heating is underfloor.

The device has a low cost and exists in two versions DOMUS for individuals with a domestic boilers up to 35 kW and MASTER for thermal power from the 35 kW of power for condominiums, business and government.

All information on ECOSAVING are available on, or toll free 800 134676.

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