The vertical garden on the terrace of Sundar Italy

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The vertical garden on the terrace of Sundar Italy it has been modified: 2015-07-01 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

a green oasis even in the city.

The vertical gardens are ideal to decorate and embellish with 'green lungs' large outdoor spaces but also to obtain pleasant and relaxing oasis on terraces and balconies in housing in the city.

These can be seen from the inside during the cold seasons, as a great living picture of warm and typical warm colors of autumn changes to winter ones required.

Then, with the awakening of nature in spring and summer this space is transformed to be experienced and admired, immersed in the scents and bright colors of the flowers.

Thanks to the various design possibilities, the technologies used and the botanical appropriate choices, you can create a green corner tailor made, considering the space available, the exposure to the sun and individual needs, without forgetting the importance of practicality management.

The vertical gardens are made using modular panels in which are inserted the plants chosen, the auto plant ferti-irrigation and the connection to the control panel. The modules are then mounted in place on a supporting structure in aluminum.

Sundar Italy, with its own technical team and expert in botany, carefully evaluates all aspects useful to create a pleasant green area in all seasons.
The company is at the forefront in developing technologies and materials to create vertical gardens of quality, long-lasting and easy handling, comfortable and independent, to take refuge from the bustling city, relax and rejuvenate.

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