Gianluca Soldi / Ovetto, separate collection of Italian design

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Gianluca Soldi / Ovetto, separate collection of Italian design it has been modified: 2012-07-18 di Benedict Flowers

Egg, designed by Italian designer Gianluca Soldi, is a container for recycling by the futuristic look!
Highly functional, it consists of three containers from 30 liters each to separate different types of waste (plastic, organic glass ...).

A large capacity, but a small footprint due to its oval shape. All designed for pivotal movement in 360 °, which allows easy access to various compartimenti.Ogni compartment has a small window to insert the waste, and a larger door for the removal of the bag.
With its oval shape and elegant entertaining, Ovetto adds something special to your ambiente.Realizzato recycled polypropylene, even the box that contains Ovetto is completely eco-friendly. You can add sticker with the symbols that represent the different types of waste (sold separately) to make the collection even easier.
Thus, even the little ones can learn, and the collection becomes a fun activity!

Binder Ovetto for differentiated waste collection - 3 x 30L - H x Ø 84 45 179 cm Price €

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