Foodscapes, food container created with food waste, Fuorisalone 2013

Foodscapes, food container created with food waste, Fuorisalone 2013 it has been modified: 2013-03-31 di Benedict Flowers

Foodscape is a project of WHOMADE.IT in collaboration with Michela MILANI, it's a shell created with food waste, has the shape of a seed and is suitable for food containers buckets. Designed to fit in the logic of natural cycles, once exhausted its use, can be dissolved in water and used to fertilize the soil.

“The project investigates the essence and substance of foods within the panorama that goes from their industrial production to their individual consumption. From the analysis of pre-cycle the food, and then the life of food before it becomes for us that, it is evident that, in almost total unconsciousness, our food is induced to grow and become substance second industrial logic in obvious contrast to natural. Conceptually the food becomes a sausage in which to project our notions of form and taste: a container of biologically modified, extruded against his nature and no margin for error.

We believe that feeding should be and remain a natural action inserted in a continuous cycle of free transformations. And if nature is freedom, design a re-cycle of food is a way to re-enter into the circle what, for us waste, is nourishment for other forms of life. The "Foodscapes" project becomes an action of technical reconstruction of waste food material, free from additives, preservatives, dyes, thickeners, correctors and artificial agents, where the natural essence and the biological substance of the food return to coincide and then in any case regenerate".

FOODMADE c / o Italian Pavilion
Via Oslavia 3, Milan (Ventura - Lambrate District)
9-14 April 2013/10 am - 8 pm
opening evening 10 April / 8 pm - 10 pm

100% peel carrots and potato starch






FOODSCAP arachide01

FOODSCAP arachide02

100% shell peanuts and potato starch

FOODSCAP arachide03

FOODSCAP arachide04

FOODSCAP arachide05

FOODSCAP arachide06

FOODSCAP peanut texture

FOODSCAP carota01

FOODSCAP carota02

100% peel carrots and potato starch

FOODSCAP carota03

FOODSCAP carota04

FOODSCAP carota05

FOODSCAP carota06

FOODSCAP carrot texture

FOODSCAP texture

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