Sunset mobile home / GOLDEN COMPASS FOR HANGAR DESIGN GROUP it has been modified: +2011 di Benedict Flowers

The international design studio HANGAR DESIGN GROUP He won the Prize ADI GOLDEN COMPASS 2011 for the project Sunset mobile home.the Most authoritative global design prize seals a project of excellence, already awarded at the Shanghai Expo as part of the exhibition Italy of Innovators.

The Sunset mobile home - designed by Hangar Design Group for brand Movit Pircher Oberland - wins the coveted prize for the category DESIGN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, thanks to an innovative concept that blends the best of functionality and style solutions with the needs environmental sustainability own contemporary architecture. Research, passion, vision: these are the ingredients of an innovative and consistent design philosophy: "Every time we face a project, it is the design of a logo, a website or a microarchitecture, we try to develop an organic reflection framing the specific project in a coherent reference universe "- comment on the creative Hangar Design Group. "The Sunset mobile home is characterized by a simple but innovative concept and maximum energy efficiency with zero impact, in respect of the landscape. Its quality is certified in Class A according to international standards ClimateHouse, both in terms of production processes, that environmental management and raw materials. "

Sunset Golden Compass from Hangar Design Group on Vimeo.

Sunset: a new concept of living the holiday, a compact dwelling of comfort and design, on wheels, to be immersed in nature. Produced entirely in the company, the house comes already prepared ready to be placed, in the name of minimal environmental impact and maximum energy efficiency.



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