ATLANTE URBANO it has been modified: 2017-09-04 di linaria

A new Linaria urban redevelopment project has transformed the gray concrete pavement surface of a Roman periphery childhood school into a huge map.

A continuous white line outlines the shapes and boundaries of continents, oceans, islands, mountain ranges and cities. A dashed yellow line crosses lands and seas, drawing a narrative and interaction path, along which symbols linked to the simple rules of a goose game (a car, a train, an airplane, a rose of winds ...) alternate with suggestions and visual stimuli geographically placed. A playful playground, at the same time inviting the discovery of the world's traditions, architecture, flora and fauna, invades the yard, "drawing" alternative ways of using a continuous and monochromatic surface.

Along the perimeter wall of the courtyard were installed seven large plywood tiles painted with silhouettes of animals belonging to different habitats (the sea, the forests, the poles, as well as the farm and the prehistoric): even the margin of space thus transforming into an interactive and communicative device, capable of stimulating the interest and imagination of the users.

A project inspired by the teachers' suggestions, two intense days of work, fifty American Express volunteers (thanks to the Corporate Social Responsibility Program), RomAltruist co-ordination, a few simple materials and easy techniques were the key elements for realizing a concrete and effective project.

The new yard is now a recreational space where children can play the game through explorers, sailors, travelers and learn to be inhabited by a single large planet. The map also becomes a dynamic and active device in which it is possible to perform, with ever-changing modes, a variety of educational and play activities to bring children closer to the knowledge of geographic areas and different civilizations and cultures, fundamental to the development of the principles of inclusion, tolerance, respect and active citizenship.

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