HUF HAUS - House front exterior ART5
ART OF HUF HAUS: CLASS CASE (A +) LOW IMPACT ENERGY it has been modified: 2013-11-28 di jessica zannori

Tailored factories HUF HAUS Hartenfels, north of Frankfurt, the line ART houses are assembled in just a few days directly on the ground chosen by the buyers. The entire building, from the structure to the finishes, is designed to meet the needs of the customer but also to blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. each house HUF HAUS in fact, it defines a project of the highest level, yet reinterpreted in a contemporary way the traditional half-timbered architecture, typical of northern Europe.

The structure, robust and flexible, is characterized by a self-supporting skeleton of wood, while all other components such as ceilings, walls and floors are not structural. The building envelope built with this technique thus achieves performance of such high isolation that until 70% of the perimeter surface can be glazed, without this affecting the efficiency in class A building. The use of large glass surfaces minimizes the use of electricity for lighting the house, reducing consumption and improving the living comfort.

HUF HAUS - House ART5 bathroom

HUF HAUS - House ART5 kitchen

HUF HAUS - House ART5 day exterior

HUF HAUS - Home exterior ART5 night

HUF HAUS - House ART5 dining room

HUF HAUS - House ART5 sauna

HUF HAUS - House ART5 stay

HUF HAUS ART5 retail systems

HUF HAUS ART5 Solar system

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