Bi-Green Make the Difference! First Biennial Reuse and Sustainability

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Bi-Green Make the Difference! First Biennial Reuse and Sustainability it has been modified: 2015-04-08 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

"BI GREEN" Make a Difference! First Biennial exhibition on recycling, reuse and sustainability.

"BI GREEN" is the first exhibition Biennale of contemporary art and design in Sardinia on the theme of recycling, reuse and sustainability.

"BI GREEN" aims to raise awareness of the environment, health and energy savings through the collective exhibition of works of art and eco-design, made in whole or in part with materials for reuse, representing an original and creative.

The Biennale is an important part of a larger project called "ATLANTIS", promoted by the Cooperative Lariso and funded by the Foundation WITH SOUTH through the "Call Environment 2012 - Towards Zero Waste". In a world saturated with products, this group exhibition aims to be an opportunity to demonstrate that it is possible to regenerate what is, extend the life of what seemed to have ended its life cycle and economic, rebelling against the logic of USA and throws. An opportunity to promote old and new craftsmanship.

Bi is a Green Show / Award but it is proposed, also, as a "work in progress" and artistic and cultural meeting place for all, aimed at knowledge, the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of sustainability, art and design. Bi Green will have a busy schedule of events with guests, meetings and discussions, debates, shows and educational workshops for children and adulti.La Biennale also boasts a striking exclusive location, the premises of the former Artillery in Nuoro, extraordinarily open before d 'now only on the occasion of the "Day of Spring FAI 2013".

The deadline to register for the prize is the 10 May 2015.

All selected works will be published on the website of the Biennale and exhibited during the exhibition Bi Green - Make a difference! First Biennial of Reuse and Sustainability - Nuoro, 29 May - June 5 2015.

The selected artists will compete also the assignment of n. 4 cash prizes whose total amount is € 2.800,00 (euroduemilaottocento) as follows:

  • "Jury Prize technique":
  • First prize € 1000.00 (EUR thousand)
  • Second prize € 800.00 (eight hundred Euros)
  • Third prize € 600.00 (six hundred euro)
  • "Like the Audience Award":
  • Best Artist voted by the public during the event, € 400.00 (four hundred euro).

The jury will be composed of experts Bi Green of professionalism and expertise, from the world MAN Museum of Nuoro and the scope of the national artistic and design, and will select all of the participating artists and the three winners of the awards giuria.L 'registration is free and is open to all artists, designers, artisans and makers, who realize works of art and eco-design using materials for reuse as a main element and meaningful and that they are an original and creativa.Nell 'optics of an effective promotion of the participants and the Biennale itself, the organization provided for the publication of the catalog of all the works selected for the exhibition as well as a targeted advertising campaign on specialized media.

Leader of the project is the Cooperative Lariso, the Management and Coordination of the Biennale is organized by the Alternatura in collaboration with Arch. Violetta Canitano and Dr. Annarita Mameli (ecocentric).


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