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seen in profile
Seen in profile it has been modified: 2014-06-09 di 2CWorkshop Design


Dall'11 to 26 June the city of Noto host the event Seen in profile, characters in search of identity (overexposure) media, Organized by the cultural 2Cworkshopdesign under the patronage of City of Noto,Unesco, of Taobuk and Academy of Fine Arts "Val Di Noto"

The event, already included in the calendar of Baroque Spring the City of Noto, will be held for a total period of three weeks, accepting the stories of three characters, one a week, in the beautiful setting of the Sicilian baroque of Noto. The main characters meet in an evening and the audience will be portrayed in a different way and in a different way, using all the tools of cultural communication: video #ritratto, #ritratto photos, story #ritratto, (autobiographical or not), subject #ritratto, Product #ritratto.

First date Thursday June at 12 20.30 at the Loggia del Mercato, in via Rocco Pirri, with the publisher Palermo Renato Magister to talk about his work as a publisher, but also books, culture, business and understand the island because "when producing culture, there is no competition."

Second round Thursday June at 19 20.30, courtyard boarding Ragusa, with the young emerging director Calabrian Fabio Mollo to "tell a generation that wants to break the silence" with the screening of his latest award-winning film work: The South is nothing.

Third round Thursday June at 26 20.30, courtyard boarding Ragusa, with the famous chef Carmelo Chiaramonte, "Cook wandering" as he likes to be called, to talk about cooking, fish, food and its close relationship with the territory.

Each mentioned event will be followed on Friday at 20.30 at the Loggia of the market in via Rocco Pirri, the re # trait of character by Giancarlo Bello di 2Cworkshopdesign with videos, photos and objects that will be hosted, from Saturday 14 June and throughout the week awaiting the next re # stretch, at the Sicilian concept-store, lounge bar and restaurant in Noto Even the angels ..., in via Arnaldo da Brescia 2.

The Friday evening will be animated by the students Academy of Fine Arts "Val Di Noto" with a live performance that will transfer, on panels and plexiglass with personal traits and synthetic, the re # stretches of visitors / speakers and event participants.

Three weekend then to tell and speak of creativity through the theme of re # suddenly understood how public image of a character not only able to make a synthesis of information but also to express the particular historical period, the crisis, the moment of transition that we live and his expectations. Portrait as a set of communications capable of (rin) trace the profile of the character in an effective and meaningful, serious and ironic, funny and accurate.


Three artists and their Point of viewThree exhibitions entrusted to young talents.

Primo Point of view by photographer Filippo Maria Nicoletti that, through photography, tells us about his relationship with the Laboratory of Industrial Design of prof. Dario Russo, studies in Architecture in Palermo. Exhibition Opening Wednesday June at 11 20.20, Loggia market, via Rocco Pirri. 

Second Point of view by the Calabrian artist Teresa Ribuffo who, through his works, tells us about his relationship with painting and experimentation that allow it to communicate in a simple and direct while using a conceptual language and contemporary. Exhibition Opening Wednesday June at 18 20.20, Loggia market, via Rocco Pirri.

Third Point of view by the Sicilian sculptor Antonino Triolo with works that “smell of the sea and live between heaven and earth […] contemporary finds of an ancient civilization that is reborn through wooden figures that speak of time, blood and sweat”. Inauguration of the exhibition on Wednesday 25 June at 20.20 pm, Loggia del Mercato, via Rocco Pirri.

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