TaiwanPics / Milan Design Week 2013

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On the occasion of Design Week in Milan 2013, NTNU National Taiwan Normal UniversityIn partnership with AliantedizioniPresents the public with a selection of international projects awarded students in international competitions known as iF Design, Red Dot, IDEA, G-Mark and others. It is young designers who are completing or have just completed the course of study of School of Design in the fields of Graphics, Product and Animation. Their projects will be presented in the form of two-dimensional posters that welcome the public in a festival of colors and images 'sparkling'. * Taiwan is indeed now one of the fastest growing economies in the east and the vital energy that distinguishes the people of this archipelago off the coast of mainland China, it is reflected in the work proposed by a new generation of designers who intends to make his way in the field in the world of international design.

The projects selected for this exhibition in Milan, reflect the different approach of the young Taiwanese towards commercial art: there are those who are able to effectively rework some fascinating signs belonging to local tradition and who tackles with determination themes of social protest, describing situations scabrous uncompromising aesthetic or filters.

The result is often unsettling images that appear to have embraced the latest trends in international cinema. Interesting also appear animation works presented in the exhibition on video or as individual frames printed. In them seems to have been given ample free rein to imagination by building refined images ranging from a futuristic fable and cartoons of the last generation.

With regard to product design, the young Taiwanese are sensitive to environmental issues and the recovery of local processing techniques. Their winning projects tackle fact so original themes such as recycling of industrial materials or the adjustment to the production of series of ancient techniques of processing of natural materials such as, for example, that of Bamboo.


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