Reverse Innovation: an eye-catching key visual communication for Signal Vertical Expert

Reverse Innovation: an eye-catching key visual communication for Signal Vertical Expert it has been modified: 2013-07-23 di Benedict Flowers

For an advanced product, a communication bold. This is the premise perfect to define the key visual communication of the new toothbrush Signal Vertical Expert, of Unilever, developed by Reverse Innovation.

The main objective of the project communication - that is, to tell in a single image and engaging the innovative brush Vertical Expert who, through a technological head, makes cleaning easier through intuitive vertical movements - has been translated into a visual focus on the bristles fan-shaped, making it One of the competition.

To emphasize the how to use of Vertical Expert was created graphics architecture in which the object dynamically interacts directly with the pay off, thus alluding to the contact brush-teeth. The toothbrush is available in a thrilling prospect, wrapped in bright movements that emphasize the use vertical down.

For this work, the agency in Milan Reverse Innovation, was responsible, as well as the creative idea, the photo shoot and the meticulous work of post-production which it highlighted the premium features and innovative product. And 'the case of the special handle screwdriver handle where the emphasis is three-dimensional and the ergonomics of the handle.

The overall mood of the key visual is presented with a metallic texture and brushed playing on the same shades of "blue-science and technology" used in the packaging of the entire line of toothpastes Expert Protection designed by Reverse Innovation and that has given the new guidelines for the platform of Signal.

The result is a key visual from the original flavor, capable of giving the consumer, through a single frame, a clear view of the surprising and incisive movement Vertical Expert.

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