Monster Graphic Design Camp, Milan during Brera Design Days

monster graphic design camp milan
Monster Graphic Design Camp, Milan during Brera Design Days it has been modified: 2017-10-11 di Benedict Flowers

Monster Graphic Design Camp is an event dedicated to graphic arts and visual communication that will take place in Milan during the second edition of Brera Design Days.

From 6 to 12 October 2017 a series of meetings, workshops and exhibitions will animate two exceptional locations - Laboratorio Formentini and TIM Space - with the aim of "showcasing" the professional world of graphic design and offering an international overview of graphic arts today.

Curated by Marco Sammicheli, coordinated by Maria A. Di Pierro and with the art direction of Zup Design, MOSTRO avails itself of the collaboration of the Formentini Laboratory for publishing, of Arjowiggings Creative Papers, of Grafiche Paciotti and of VISCOM ITALIA - la Mostra International Conference of Visual Communication which will start on 12 October, the ideal fil rouge that links the city fuorisalone to the fair.

monster graphic design camp milan

MOSTRO therefore, first singular person, is the indicative present to show and in the etymological meaning of the term it is synonymous with prodigy, but in common language often represents a deformed being, not badly, which fears and marvels together metaphorically, the graphics.

MOSTRO - Graphic Design Camp embodies both of these aspects, and tells, in all its facets, the world of graphic arts and visual communication: the discipline "functional" to other forms of design, the one that most escapes definitions, since it involves very transversal skills, where points of view are constantly changing.

monster graphic design camp milan

In the image society, also fluid and changeable by its nature, graphic arts are the indispensable tool for giving shape and expression to all that you want to communicate to the world of information. Whether products, events, businesses are constantly searching for face, font, cover, color, form and appearance strategically adapted to "show" their own image and describe their contents.

MOSTRO - Graphic Design Camp wants to give voice to professionals in the sector and represent different and innovative schools of thought and professional approaches, involving various sectors from publishing, to museums and commerce, up to urban planning and advertising.

The Formentini Laboratory for Publishing, a structure in the heart of Brera dedicated to the publishing professions, is the fulcrum of the event around which five exhibitions will revolve: Sarp Sozdinler (Istanbul) - with a selection of posters and posters, Maltatype (Valletta ) - with their mapping of the historical fonts of the Maltese capital, Onka Allmayer-Beck (Vienna) - presenting some variations of his well-known illustrations, Zaven (Venice) describing the project for the Russian art foundation VAC, and Undesign (Turin) - exhibiting the book that reviews the first ten years of activity of the studio.

monster graphic design camp milan

monster graphic design camp milan

monster graphic design camp milan

LAB FORMENTINI Via Formentini 10, Milan. Schedules: from 7 to 12 October from 17.00 to 23.00

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