Hangar Design Group signs the new website Ballin

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Hangar Design Group signs the new website Ballin it has been modified: 2013-05-19 di jessica zannori

Hangar Design Group, Branding and communications agency, launches on the web the new official website of Ballin, Italian brand known worldwide for its handmade luxury footwear. L 'creative agency, which has an important expertise in the creation of highly customized web platforms, has designed for Ballin one virtual place where love for the brand, passion for the made in Italy and great savoir faire in the processing of the materials are mixed, telling the story. A digital space that becomes channel immediate access to the brand and its universe of reference. T

hrough the platform it is possible to stay current on the latest news, trends and the various collections of the brand. The web site, designed in multiple languages, offers the user the opportunity to come into direct contact with the brand; a virtual storytelling in which photographic contributions and emotional contents are mixed, creating a real experiential journey to discover the roots of the brand and its productions.

The interface has a clear graphical and clean, but visually striking, they emerge clearly the iconographic elements that identify the brand. The intuitive design allows you to reach any information in a few clicks, and share it instantly thanks to seamless integration with leading social networks. The website will be linked to an e-boutique that integrates a technology platform evolved, communication, design and web marketing. The result is a dynamic project, continuously updated, modern as accessible from the main electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as a reference point for all fashion shoes addicted.

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