Gusto Robusto: series n.2: a perfect gift idea for Christmas!

taste Robust
Gusto Robusto: series n.2: a perfect gift idea for Christmas! it has been modified: 2014-12-02 di anna rarely

taste Robust It is already the second set of vector illustrations printed in limited edition.

The names of the illustration that have joined the initiative are becoming more and more interesting: in addition to David Sossella and Sara Penco (authors of the first series), Gloria Pizzilli and Mirko Càmia are flanked. Accessible art for a new generation of collectors.

Each illustrator has interpreted as a manifest, the palette of colors to suit their style.

Gloria played with solid and liquid making a beautiful Japanese girl on the bank of a river which is also a great Seta. Stole 

Mirko, typographer par excellence, took the opportunity offered by Gusto Robusto to push his style further, towards character illustration. So his Crazy Town comes alive with references to the 80s and 90s.

Sarah takes care of our spirit at the Spa Enchanted.

David makes us imagine a space and a fantastic time in which the inhabitants live in a giant robot caterpillar.

I have intrigued enough?

Then find the limited edition prints on site

An art print is a perfect gift for Christmas!

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