dotdotdot: interaction design and dynamic data visualization for Future Food District

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dotdotdot: interaction design and dynamic data visualization for Future Food District it has been modified: 2015-05-04 di Benedict Flowers

Food for Future District, the futuristic supermarket Coop in Expo, dotdotdot It designed the interaction design and the fascinating system of dynamic data visualization.

Why consumption and food choices tell a lot about us and our lifestyle.

The Future Food District, designed by Carlo Ratti Associati for the supermarket chain COOP, is one of the themes of EXPO 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". FFD consists of a pavilion 2.500 4.500 square meters and square meters of space
public. The project explores new forms of interaction between people and products in a real supermarket and running.

FFD is an exploration of how the information can give voice to the products, allowing them to tell their story, and ultimately stimulate consumption patterns more aware.
Goods are not displayed on shelves, but on large tables, as in an old market. Simply by touching them, the visitor activates interactive content appearing on the display to mirror suspended from the ceiling.

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In addition, information on the origin of products on sale and purchase data are displayed in real time on a large video 28 meters, made 6 video projectors, placed over the crates.

dotdotdot he edited, designed and built the display of data collected through a complex system of Kinect and touch screen. The exterior facades of the building, transformed into the largest plotter in the world, using real-time information and data provided by the visitor.

The cutter, tool that can turn any surface into a large monitor, real-time displays the faces of the customers profiled in the photo boot installed inside the pavilion. Photo taken in the boot is also a portrait of the visitor who is transformed into a vector file to the plotter, thanks to a system of face tracking.

During the EXPO, on the facades of the overlapping faces of consumers divided into 6 types (wellness, foodie, easy, I & veg, italian food lovers, greenðic) will give life to the face 'ideal' Coop.

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EXPO Milano 2015 Future Food District:
edited by Carlo Ratti - MIT Senseable City Lab
Partner - Carlo Ratti Associati
Concept Design: MIT Senseable City Lab
Architecture and interior design: Carlo Ratti Associati
Landscape design: Staubach Capatti Landschaftsarchitekte
Flow analysis: Systematica
Urban design algae folly: ecoLogicStudio
Vertical farm design: ENEA, Ceres, Lucchini Idromeccanica
Graphic design: Studio FM Milano
System integration: Accenture
Interaction design: Avanade, dotdotdot (with Ambhika Samsen, Andrej Boleslavsky, Vittorio Cuckoo).

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