WRAP BAG, clutch polyurethane design Matteo Pellegrino

Wrap clutch bag in camouflage pink polyurethane design Matteo Pellegrino
WRAP BAG, clutch polyurethane design Matteo Pellegrino it has been modified: 2015-11-09 di Benedict Flowers

Matteo Pellegrino launches the new line of hand-crafted polyurethane clutch bags through a production process designed by him.

This process makes it possible to obtain a different craft object every time, far from the classic conception of the fashion object. A product halfway between design and fashion with a strong artistic connotation, where colors blend in a unique and distinctive way.

The interior in real leather is designed to create contrast with the synthetic material and emphasizes its value, as well as the absence of seams derived from the care applied to the design of the process. Matteo comments: "I spent years developing the processes necessary to obtain a finished product, and finally I'm satisfied with the result achieved. It is a process that is the result of countless experiments with polyurethane foam, which is a rather complex material to be handcrafted, but with incredible potential. The uniqueness of the product is also the result of the influence of the school of Gaetano Pesce, and fashion is definitely the most receptive and sensitive area of ​​design for this type of stress ".

The choice of colors is casual and does not follow the dictates of fashion shows or "trends", this contributes to always obtain a unique effect, while the choice of the "bubble wrap" pattern in negative makes the collection easily identifiable and recognizable.

Wrap bag clutch polyurethane blue design Matteo Pellegrino 04

Wrap bag clutch polyurethane blue design Matteo Pellegrino 05

Wrap bag clutch polyurethane ash design Matteo Pellegrino 06

Wrap bag clutch polyurethane design Matteo Pellegrino 06

Wrap bag clutch polyurethane design Matteo Pellegrino 09

photo credits: Angel Stamerra Grassi

Styling: Judith Godfrey

Matteo Pellegrino

Born in 1982 he grew up in Lecce, in 2001 he moved to Milan, where he graduated in interior and product design at the Milan Polytechnic. At 22 years begins his collaboration with Fish Design of Gaetano Pesce. Progressively, he adds to this activity the collaboration to the Mendinismi collections of Alessandro Mendini and Nativo Campana of the Campana brothers.

Deepens the processing of plastics, resins and silicones, which combines metals, wood and clay. By participating in numerous international exhibitions, mature sensitivity to the commercial trends of design. At the same time, he starts an individual path of conceptual creations, in which different techniques and materials coexist at the service of a passionate critical and aesthetic sense of reinterpretation of objects and their use.

His versatility opens the doors of the fashion world bringing him to collaborate with companies like Mila Schon and to start a self-production of bags and accessories made by hand with innovative techniques and materials. In 2012 he founded his studio in Milan, working on interior projects on hotels and private residences and on objects for various companies.

In 2015 he moved to New York to collaborate with Gaetano Pesce and carry out new individual projects working in a transversal way between design, art and fashion.

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