WOODEN POPSICLE / Johnny Hermann

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WOODEN POPSICLE / Johnny Hermann it has been modified: 2013-01-27 di Benedict Flowers

Johnny Hermann, Alter-ego of the designer Mauro Savoldi, Presents "Wooden Popsicle": Icicles wooden handmade sculptures minimal design.

Craftsmanship and passion for design move the creative intuition of Johnny Hermann. The project is the result of meticulous research and a deep sense of aesthetic reinterpretation of materials, their use and re-use.

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Every single work is inspired by the multicolored magic of the icicle. Wood, colors and lines give life to these unusual and slightly curious objects. It is a tactile experience that is accompanied by aesthetic satisfaction in a “pop-nostalgic” dimension, capable of evoking a childhood memory through shapes, simplicity of the material and satisfying an impulsive throat pleasure.

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 Each series consists of 150 elements, all unique and numbered.

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