Woman by Steel Life

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Woman by Steel Life it has been modified: +2012 07-17-XNUMX di Steel Life

The work was created, inspired by the concept of woman, strong, tenacious and creative life. The characteristic shape evokes the beauty and curvy, and as the water gives life to the planet she gives life to man. The protrusion into the sky, the light curves, the thickness, the material and the steel base characterize and represent all women.

Creating in fact, at this historic moment, he wants to photograph and capture the condition of the woman, giving her an absolute value and taking away the aura of sexual object used in the media too. He wants to be a cry of rage and a cry of joy at the same time, because it is valued as it should, at the base of mankind and of society itself.

Fontana stainless steel sandblasted and painted with special
Protective transparent to facilitate cleaning.
Marble vase belonging to the family of quartzites, name
commercial AZUL MACAUBAS metamorphic stone typical of

Design by Stefano Franzin

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