Wantedesign / frame "STRIPS"

strips frame 01
Wantedesign / frame "STRIPS" it has been modified: 2012-11-18 di Benedict Flowers

Strips is a frame which generates a photographic composition changeable to vary the point of observation.

Designed to contain two 18 × 15 cm photographs, Strips abandons the concept of the frame as an object that protects and displays, a two-dimensional image is always the same, to generate, through its particular accordion shape, images that develop and consist of different floors.

strips frame 02

Thanks to its shape, reveals Strips and reassembles the individual photos, when you look at the frame side, while combines and blends in a lively game of composition when the two images shown frontally.

strips frame 03

Strips is a frame formed from two sheets of plexiglass 2 mm thick thermally folded held together by magnets, whose conformation ensures stability in the vertical position.

Strips can be purchased directly on:

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