Vice / Flussocreativo

Vice / Flussocreativo it has been modified: 2011-05-28 di Benedict Flowers

Runs in Flussocreativo, Is a candle ashtray of circular shape constituted by a body inparaffina, in whose recess is centrally positioned along the wick ilperimetro.Non just started, the lumen performs a circular path following lacirconferenza inside of the candle, so scioglierecontemporaneamente paraffin and gaze who was kidnapped by the enchantment of the Fire, he stopped to observe its movement.

During the dissolution, the paraffin slides in nearby incavaturacreando as a liquid layer to effectively retain ashes, maleodori and off comfortably sigaretta.Vizio becomes an opportunity to enjoy a cigarette Vice incompagnia, surrounded by a warm and friendly.




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