Vito Nesta / BobiniQUE

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Vito Nesta / BobiniQUE it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di Benedict Flowers

Vito Nesta continue to browse through the tools to tailor the grandmother. This time to be reinterpreted is a coil of wire that becomes a candelabra. Bobinique is the name of this new element that goes to buy a set from table Vito Nesta already made up his colored plates, beauTONI and from the jar inDITO.

The candlestick strictly ceramic is very detailed can accommodate different types of candles and is available in six different colors.

High Violet

blue White

lumen whole pink

green violet

close purple

lumen top

vito nesta-15

vito nesta-19

vito nesta-21

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