Screw Allen, Roberto Giacomucci for Riva 1920

Allen lives Giacomucci ced 04
Screw Allen, Roberto Giacomucci for Riva 1920 it has been modified: 2013-04-26 di Benedict Flowers

Allen lives is the table that Roberto Giacomucci designed for Riva 1920, A wooden coffee table that proposes an icon with a strong symbolic value, dear to those who work with this material: the screw. But everything is veiled in irony and playfulness. The coffee table, at first glance, seems to be firmly "screwed" to the ground and there was a change of perspective worthy of Alice in Wonderland: the small object is distorted and, like magic, oversized to serve a new function.

Allen lives Giacomucci ced 01

Allen lives Giacomucci ced 02

Allen lives Giacomucci ced 03

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