Vernissage Purse: ... a handbag containing wine!

Vernissage Purse: ... a handbag containing wine! it has been modified: +2012 06-14-XNUMX di Gianluca Massobrio


The bag in box "Vernissage" was launched in April 2008 in the Swedish market. Already at that stage it was a particularly attractive and elegant packaging, but characterized by a form still traditional, to say the obvious (rectangular in this case).

The owner of the brand - Takis Soldatos - and the graphic designer Sofia Blomberg had the idea to design and launch a special pack for female consumers, as marketing research showed that the consumer group reference was mainly made up of women over 25 years.

And it was then that you inserted Box Marche Spa (email), Paper converting company Marche (Corinaldo - AN), and its designer project manager Simone Fantoni, who sifted the technical possibilities in order to offer a solution to packaging design that would be strongly impact and, above all, easily recognizable on the shelf for the target group of reference.

The solution was called Vernissage Purse: What attracts the attention of the female audience if not a luxury handbag?


It should, then, emphasized the great care in trying to reproduce the smallest detail one of the most beloved works of women's clothing: 1) handle woven cotton; 2) the side folds that mimic the folds of leather bags; 3) inserts gold hot simulating screws and bolts 4) plot checkered painted opaque in contrast with the corners of the bag, blacks and glossy painted a sort of tribute to Louis Vuitton products 5) closure, in relief, which gives the pack the final credibility.

The response of the market? Best seller! Vernissage Purse, thanks to her appearance that makes it instantly recognizable on the shelf, managed to diversify from the competition, they have, however, the characteristic shape of a cuboid and, often, not overly elaborate graphics. The market feedback has been very positive (compared data starting in July they increased sales of 2010 500%!), So much so that the owner of the brand chose to launch another bag (black and gold) to launch Version for red wine and rosé. And to think that the production of this unusual Bag in Box is as simple as the previous pack, the only filling operation requires a little more effort.

Some technical details: the pack contains 3 liters of wine, so it was also necessary to ensure a strength able to meet the demands of this weight. This is why we opted for the coupling of a card with Kraft un'ondulato very thin (wave fs) that gives the pack the necessary mechanical strength without going to "weigh it down" from the aesthetic point of view.


Vernissage Purse can also boast - as if the images were not sufficient to demonstrate the quality of the product - the title of winner of the prestigious Ecma ProCarton 2010 Award, category Most Innovative Packaging.


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