Venice Pantoquadra of BERTOLOTTO DOORS

LP8 pantoquadra Venice
Venice Pantoquadra of BERTOLOTTO DOORS it has been modified: 2014-02-06 di jessica zannori

Bertolotto Porte proposes a redesign of the line Venice with a new model: PantoQuadra, a door with a pantograph at a right angle, resulting in a more essential and modern compared to the other products in the collection.

This new version is available both with full models, ie with hinged entirely of wood without glass, lines easier than with "glass slide", detail of practicality guaranteed by the company. In case of breakage of the crystal replacement can be done quickly and does not require the subsequent rilaccatura.

All the doors of the collection Venice pantografata are made lightweight wooden decorated pantograph for accuracy in every detail. Models that reproduce classical proportions revisited in a style more modern and contemporary.

The frames can be lacquered opaque white, ivory, taupe, cocoa, coffee, silk, steel, black, orange, red, purple, green, RAL and NCS.

LP1 pantoquadra Venice

PV27 pantoquadra Venice

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