Vamos a la playa oh oh oh oh - Workshop with lagranja design

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Academy Abadir Catania, Department of Design, July 24 27-2012

From the peaks of Mount Etna in According dusk (Workshops with Giulio Iacchetti last May) the activities of the Department of Design Academy Abadir Catania moving towards the playa and its beaches washed by the sea. Will begin, in fact, the next July 24 the short summer school entitled Vamos a la Playa oh oh oh oh, in homage to the homonymous song duo Righeira the 1983. The workshop will be conducted by Gabriele Schiavon and José Manuel Fernandez, two of the designers lagranja design, study Italian-Spanish committed by 2002 project activity that sees them authors of products for Foscarini, Poltrona Frau, and Metalco Palucco and others.

For the Abadir lagranja have thought of a novel laboratory that, once again, is shaped by the nature of the Sicilian territory and makes testing ground for the design of devices for the outdoors in this case the beach, the shoreline, the sea. Participants of the workshop will be busy, in fact, in the design and realization of ephemeral objects somewhere between useless and need: give shape to ideas by analyzing the place, the swimmers and their behavior; "Scan will scan" space quintessential summer dedicated to relaxation and unequivocally "under heaven" and transform it in the scenario of the project.

The workshop is part of the activities of the Master in product design OUT [OF THE] DOOR started in January and complete (after Arancino / ae According dusk) the cycle of intensive workshops included in the teaching program of the master.

The four days will begin with a presentation open to the public Tuesday to July 24 18 which will be attended by Gabriele Schiavon and José Manuel Fernandez and will close Friday July at 27 18 with finissage the playa during which will be presenting the projects produced during the workshop.


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Lagranja design

Founded in 2002, lagranja is a multidisciplinary design studio that deals with internal, product and ephemeral installations. Ten years after its founding team lagranja retains the same passion and consistency of the beginning, always moving in the same direction: to design for companies and brandnames. The creative aptitude of lagranja brought them and collaborate with some of the most prestigious names in the industry, from design to products in international projects and exhibitions for cultural institutions. In 2010 lagranja expands its business and opened a studio in Hong Kong. Soon after, in the early 2011 moved into a new space, a modernist building in Barcelona, ​​once old biscuit factory.

The work of lagranja has received international recognition as well as prestigious national awards such as the Red Dot Award (2007) Awards Ciutat de Barcelona de Disseny (2008), Prize Via (2009), IIDA Award of Excellence 'Internationa Interior Design Association-USA ( 2009), IDEA Award (2008). In addition to professional designers lagranja like to be active and dynamic within the design community; participated in fact the jury of various competitions and lectured in Spain and abroad (USA, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia ...). In recent years, Gerard and Gabriel taught in many design schools like the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, Fabrica (Benetton creative research center), ELISAVA, EINA, and IED Barcelona.


Arts Between Architecture Design & Interdisciplinary Research - is an Academy of Fine Arts born in 1992 private and legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, University and Research. Nearly twenty years after its foundation, the Academy has initiated a process of growth based on the dynamic and exciting renovation of educational programming base, on the activation of post-graduate courses and the promotion of a series of corollary activities that produce culture and circulation of ideas. The training of ABADIR is structured in a system where educational activities are networking with other activities in order to create a "school-workshop" dynamic and competitive at national and international level to deal with the changing and increasingly specialized requirements imposed by today's labor market.

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