Twin Bench, the modular bench Andrea Rekalidis

Twin Bench, the modular bench Andrea Rekalidis it has been modified: 2013-11-30 di jessica zannori

Twin BenchLast project Andrea Rekalidis, is a modular bench which addresses the issue of sharing with the right dose of irony. The main configuration assumes the use in pairs because the center of gravity central forces who sits down to work with a partner to serve as a counterweight on the other side, the front view evokes the icon of the scale, a symbol of fairness and equality. Twin bench can be turned into a bench normal by moving the stands at the ends of the floor or swinging in a swing with the addition of the tracks transforming the collaboration in a game.

The joint between the seat and the stand is the core structure of the project, highlighted by the color contrast of the components characterizing the product and facilitates understanding.

ari front only

ari smiles alone

only front bench

Front bench only 2

Front bench only 3

Front bench only 4


interlocking 1

interlocking 2

I ari and fall

I ari and sway

I ari and rocking

and I ari front 2


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