Tubes, Agora and Textures Cersaie 2012

tubes in cersaie 2012 7109
Tubes, Agora and Textures Cersaie 2012 it has been modified: 2012-10-01 di Benedict Flowers

Tubes with agora and trame reinterprets the role of the radiator by playing on the architectural dimension and on the imaginary.

Agora designed by Nicola De Ponti is a radiator design emotional but at the same time with a strong industrial, redefines an element of the house so far rielevandolo property to a central role.

tubes in cersaie 2012 7112

tubes in cersaie 2012 7114

Trame, by Stefano giovannoni, plays with the imagination by revolutionizing the radiant element, which becomes “light”, the elements are treated as a set of thin threads that make up a warm fabric.

tubes in cersaie 2012 7117

tubes in cersaie 2012 7120

tubes in cersaie 2012 7121

Photo: Benedict Flowers

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