Trussardi My Land: nominated for best male packaging

Trussardi bottle PACK
Trussardi My Land: nominated for best male packaging it has been modified: 2013-02-08 di Christian Linkness

The new men's fragrance by Trussardi was nominated for Best Male packaging for 24^ Academy of Perfume Award.

 The packaging was designed by the renowned architect Antonio Citterio, while the nose Alexandra Kosinski He expressed the olfactory notes. To conclude the creative team is the famous director Wim Wenders who interpreted the values ​​of the fragrance with a spectacular movie.

Trussardi My Land has also obtained other five nominations, namely:

  • Consumers Jury - best male perfume of the year
  • Technical Jury - best male olfactory creation
  • Technical Jury - best perfume made in Italy for men
  • Technical Jury - best Italian perfume brand for men
  • Consumers Jury - best male communication


En plein nominations, six excellent testimonials for a product generated by a targeted concept and complex at the same time.

An achievement that reveals the extreme quality of the product from all points of view. The jury ruled that the nomination is made up of journalists Beauty, Perfumers and Associates Academy of Perfume.

I consumers, The real judges, the 28 January to 16 February, have the opportunity to vote for the best fragrance of the year both at perfumeries and department store Coin and La Rinascente is through face book.

The Technical Jury, For his expertice will evaluate the olfactory aspects and Jury Vip instead it expresses the design and communication.

We await their votes, starting with these six great prizes!

Link to vote from Facebook:

Link to discover the perfume that host the contest: map

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