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TORINO DESIGN WEEK / from the 5 10 2012 November it has been modified: 2012-11-04 di Benedict Flowers

Kicks off tomorrow, Monday November 5, the fifth edition of the Torino Design Week, with a calendar of events, open to the public, this year focused on the theme of work and enterprise development.

the sensitivity of the area in recent years to the theme of the design and, more generally of the "creative industries", it is certainly growing. Recent research carried out by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, shows that there are in Piemonte about 850 companies and firms operating in the field of design, with a total turnover of about 13 billion euro, an increase of 6% compared to five years ago.

very relevant, which tend to be able to consider design as one of the leading economic sectors of our country, in which the collaboration between public and private is bearing fruit.

In this context that the annual meeting of the Turin Design Week, which aims to create a moment of reflection on the topic. Against a regional training system that can count on schools of excellence, the problem that arises is how to give hope and opportunity to many young people who are entering the world of the design profession. Many assumptions and possible solutions, which will be investigated in the course of the week and especially during the final meeting of November 10.


Monday November 5, hours 18: 30 - Toolbox Coworking (via A. da Montefeltro 2, Torino)

opening night and awards ceremony of the contest "You have a project in the drawer?" A meeting between all members, friends and supporters, during which we will present the projects of the contest "You have a project in the drawer?", banned by the Association for find one or more items of merchandise to produce and sell the community for the purpose of self-financing.

Tuesday November 6, hours 18: 00 - l'Eglise (via Lagrange 13, Torino)

Show "12 designers Wabi Sabi" An interesting and challenging research project on the essentiality craft on the border between design and art. Anthology Project, Alessandra Roveda, Antonio Aricò, Carlo Contin, Cristina Celestino, Giorgia Zanellato, Giorgio Biscaro, Matteo Casalegno, Enzo Mastrangelo, Paul Polloniato, Colombo Sanguineti by sign and Italian Paolo Casalis, are the designers offering design-crafts informed simplicity and freshness (wabi), combined with the beauty and serenity (sabi). During the evening, the 12 designers will be featured in the exhibition space for dialogue with the present and to illustrate the exhibits.

Wednesday November 7, hours 18: 30 - Unione Industriale Torino (Via Fanti 17, Torino)

"PTI Contest TORINO LAB", award ceremony and presentation projects

Turin Turin Lab is a company, active in the promotion and distribution of self-produced design, which promotes the first edition of an original competition, centered on the theme of the kitchen environment as shelter and worked with unprecedented cooperation with the Industrial Union of Turin. At the Sala Industrial Union Torino, we will present the results of the competition and will proceed to the awards ceremony. The evening will be the jury, composed of: Riccardo Rosi, Deputy Director Industrial Union Torino, Marco Miscioscia, President Delegation ADI Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta, Enrico Bassi, President Association FaLab Turin, Alberto Clara, treasurer Association Torino Design Week, Maurizio Bazzano, CEO Torino Lab, Paola Carimati, journalist Elle Decor, and a representative of every business partner of the competition (Carena Furnace, polish and Liotex).

Thursday November 8, hours 17: 00 - Toolbox Coworking (via A. da Montefeltro 2, Torino)

Lesson popularization of Henry Holland (President Association FabLab Torino)

A popular science lecture and information about how the designer can use the innovative technologies provided by the design platform "Arduino". A formative meeting, not dedicated to "geeks", but to all the designers who are interested to enter some interactivity into their designs, through a simple technology, but by virtually infinite potential.

Friday November 9, hours 16: 00 - Royal Riding School (Via Verdi, 9 Turin)

OPERAE, opening exhibition-design market self

Operae is an exhibition dedicated to the self-market design, which takes place for the third time in Turin. Appointment participating design studios, craftsmen designers, makers, designers and digital edition also 2012 graphic designer: heterogeneous personality through which to know and appreciate the liveliness of this dimension of design in which high technology, tradition and design are new synthesis . A Operae you can expose and purchase pieces made in small batches and limited editions, the result of the creativity and the design professionals who work directly manage the entire supply chain (from the definition of the idea to the realization, to the communication and distribution).

Saturday November 10, hours 9: 00 - 13: 00 - Torino Meet (Via Nino Costa 8, Torino)


The conference is promoted to stimulate the dialogue between institutional stakeholders, the world of education and business on an issue that businesses and younger generations feel as urgent: the theme is the difficulty that companies and designers meet to interface with each other to produce value. During the conference will be analyzed scenarios and experiences of other territories, relations between the world of education and the enterprise, the challenges and opportunities of the current state of the economy, the ability of the design to be an engine of development and competitiveness .

Three guests / speakers Prof. Flaviano Celaschi (Polytechnic of Milan), Prof. Giorgio Casoni (Economist, Spinnnvest partners, Rovereto) and Joan Vinyets (A-piece-of-Pie Barcelona, ​​a strategic consulting firm for innovative companies) will propose a their "vision" that responds to these questions of the territory.

Afterwards, at a round table, personalities of local public institutions that mostly declare themselves sensitive to the theme, the world of education stakeholders and managers will question on possible actions and possible interventions. Participation and interaction between audience and speakers will be guaranteed by a twitter live link on monitors during all interventions, which can be registered to be eventually integrated in the conference proceedings.

To participate in the conference you need to register on the site

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