South Orkney Isl, tobacco leads to take to the beach

South Orkney Isl, tobacco leads to take to the beach it has been modified: 2013-07-30 di Egidio Giannini

Orkney Isl - the tobacco bag - It is a revolutionary portatabacco coming out of the box: It is made entirely of PVC and it's
available in four colors, black, transparent, green and red, ideal to take to the beach.


To make it even more interesting South Orkney Isl, it is possible to interchange the colors of the closing zip, you can have fun creating
pairings also according to their Jimi Hendrix .

South Orkney Isl 4

South Orkney Isl it is innovative in several points of view, first of all in the dimensions (x 8.0 13.5 1.0 x cm), Smaller and more practical, it is
equipped with two compartments in which you can enter several things: coins, keys, tobacco, maps, seals, lighters and
for the latter thanks to the thin layer of transparent PVC inside, it is possible to maintain the touch screen function of the devices.


Each South Orkney Isl is produced and packaged in Italy (Torino) with the best materials. We can not talk about industrial production,
as the tobag processing process is carried out by artisans that weld and monitor the quality of the product

South Orkney Isl

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