"Titian" of Rubinetterie Stella.

"Titian" of Rubinetterie Stella. it has been modified: 2015-05-08 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

Rubinetterie Stella, from one hundred and thirty synonymous with luxury and high quality standards with their own series universally recognized as "classics taps", well anchored in the history of Italian design, also it offers innovative examples of contemporary design, like the Titian series , designed by Michele De Lucchi.

Titian owes its name to the Chinese pronunciation of the ideogram that defines the terraces geometrically perfect that from time immemorial characterize rice farming, real lifeline and source of livelihood for countless generations.

The most obvious of the collection is, in fact, the pyramidal structure of concentric circles that characterizes the base of the faucet and handles, sculptures made from strong plastic and the slender shape, light and elegant.

With the series Titian, Rubinetterie Stella, always the leader of the Italian quality taps, confirms its commitment to innovation in style and the ability to set the benchmark with their achievements in the sector, both from the aesthetic that the intrinsic quality of the product.


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