Tip Ton, the chair of Vitra dynamic

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The chair Tip Ton for VitraWith well designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, Defines a new standard in the field of dynamic sitting, and apparently could resemble a simple rocking chair: From a position of rest, in fact, the Tip Ton leans forward until the user reaches a defined point, then the chair in the sitting position arrives gently stretched forward.

The project Tip Ton and 'started in 2009, after having realized that the environment of the mobile, modern and dynamic, was looking for a new product. Barber and Osgerby have been invited by the Royal Society of Arts to express their point of view on 'purchase of furniture for the new academy in Tipton in the Midlands. "On that occasion- Says Osgerby -we knew we had a great opportunity, because there was nothing between the different proposals, which would fulfill the criteria of longevity, strength, value for money but above that guaranteed a seat healthy for the user. "

The key innovation that is behind this seemingly simple mechanism can be identified under an angle of nine degrees, created by the shape of the shoes chair resting on the floor.

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The positive effects of the tilt mechanism on health and concentration have been documented and confirmed by a recent study done by Vitra in collaboration with the Federal ilPolitecnico Zurich (ETH). This study shows that the increase in muscle activity in the area and the back has a beneficial effect, since the movement increases the flow of oxygen around the body, helping to improve concentration. This new seating position straightens the pelvis and spine and improves blood flow: the greater movement of the pelvis active muscles and relieves pressure on the spinal discs.

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Tip Ton is achieved without mechanisms and with a single fusion of material and you can choose from eight color variants, also called chromium-terapici. Thanks to dynamic sitting back and look at his characteristic being used in many schools, libraries, bars, home office and dining rooms.

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