The Vario's loudspeaker, "The joy of music"

The Vario's loudspeaker, "The joy of music" it has been modified: 2013-08-29 di Pierluigi Monaco

The music will never stop giving joy.

The sound is creativity, like that of a group of professionals who have come together to express their passion for music.

To achieve this goal have been "harmonized" materials with different identities, creating a series of art objects from the formidable musical talents.

The application of previous professional experience has allowed to devise new systems design and unusual construction methodsWithout ever losing sight of the real end: fidelity sound reproduction; creating small and large speakers assembled with components of proven quality and reliability, introducing aesthetic solutions that will revolutionize the concept itself.

With Vincent, Lola and the bird Tito (these are the names of the characters) it has changed the face dell'audiofilia: a revolution from the base and the firm will to give the music a whole new dress.

It can be said, therefore, that the project The Vario's ( Adds a further short and "word" italyana the ranks of international design.

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