"The Human Work": the new Sitia concept at the 2019 International Furniture Fair

SITIA PERGY design by Pergentino Battocchio & MM Company
SITIA PERGY design by Pergentino Battocchio & MM Company
"The Human Work": the new Sitia concept at the 2019 International Furniture Fair it has been modified: 2019-03-05 di Benedict Flowers

The SITIA brand participates in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019 of Milan presenting the new concept "The human work".

"The human work" is the new creative declination of the leading manifesto of the "human contract" brand, which in the 2019 exhibition investigates the new ways of living contract spaces. A harmonious dialogue between working environments, with technical and functional requirements, and a relaxed and confidential atmosphere typical of the domestic dimension.

The stand then becomes the representation of this blend, which moves away from the chromatic monotony of contract furniture, to focus instead on one of the most extrovert colors of contemporary trends: the Vivid Coral. An all-encompassing monochromatic block, able to join the two dimensions, in a suggestive fluorescent co-working.

In this environment are the new furnishings of the Sitia collection - created in a renewed range of fabrics and finishes - and the expansion of some existing collections, such as the iconic Pergy. Two new special colors are also presented - Vivid Coral and Vivid Mint - in line with the chromatic trends of the world of furniture and fashion.


An armchair, a pouf, a two-seater sofa and a vis-a-vis sofa: the flowing and sinuous design of the Pergy family expands. Soft, comfortable padding and a high-profile craftsmanship distinguish the Pergy collection, perfect for the lounge area, living area, or inside a luxurious suite. Designed by Pergentino Battocchio and by the design studio of MM Company.


With a sophisticated and modern look, the sofa system - one, two, three seater - and Felicity bench, is composed of a soft quilted seat complete with minimal and functional wooden support elements such as the side support. Particularly suitable for contract spaces, thanks to integrated electrical devices

- like USB ports - there is now also a "wall" accessory that can be integrated with existing modules, to promote privacy. Its modular solutions are perfect for defining work areas in open environments, improving the privacy aspect in co-working spaces. Designed by the MM Company design studio.


Ariva, the re-edition of the seat designed by Manuel Barbieri in 2012, inspired by the painting "Young naked man sitting by the sea" by Hippolyte Flandrin, officially enters the Sitia catalog. A seven-part joint replaces the common sequence of legs-seat-back components, making it an iconic product, with an extremely thin and recognizable profile. The exclusive use of natural materials, even in the construction components, makes it a sustainable 100% product.

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