Console table by Cattelan eclectic Italian

Console table by Cattelan eclectic Italian it has been modified: 2014-05-19 di Francesca Bianchi

Try an adaptable table, editable, a console, but you also need a kitchen table or a table top?

Convivium is a timeless table and so adaptable that it is like buying 4 / 5 tables in one. convivium as Cattelan Italy It may in fact be a console or coffee table, or you can use a dining room or kitchen table. It can also be a desk.

The lines are so simple, linear, clean that all it takes to make "pop" a design table like this is to add a touch of bright color.


Graphite embossed or lacquered steel base and top in laminated wood or graphite. The finishes are simply stunning, the finishes we highlight the walnut.


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